Stunning ‘Lady Cynthia’ Rhododendron Bush Puts Canada Town On The Map

Stunning ‘Lady Cynthia’ Rhododendron Bush Puts Canada Town On The Map

This small Canadian town is the home of a spectacular attraction that has been recently gaining some internet fame. Due to this, the family that lives in this home hopes to become a tourist attraction thanks to a beautiful rhododendron shrub of extraordinary size!

This 25ft by 30ft bush is located in Ladysmith, British Columbia and is now in peak bloom and is consequently a spectacular display!

It is also 115-years-old and they call it “Lady Cynthia”. At full bloom, this bush will carry approximately 4,000 spring blossoms this season. Due to its size, it is often confused for a tree but it is actually a very large shrub.

This shrub is so well loved that local historian, Rob Johnson, convinced the town’s Chamber of Commerce to consider making it a “marvel of nature” attraction. Rob has this to say about it, “It’s the size of a small house and is a vibrant pink colour. When it is not in bloom, it is just a nice, big green shrub.” He also said “We should capitalize on this.”

He noticed that people were interested in this wonder when he began to receive tons of comments online. However, this shrub has called this town of 8,100 residents home since around 1904.

It was originally brought to this forest community after the original owner brought it back from a sailing trip from Scotland. This shrub is even visible from the harbor due to its location on a hill in front of a home now owned by a lawyer from Texas at 226 Kitchener Street.

The name “Lady Cynthia” comes from the fact that it is a rhododendron that is a Cynthia hybrid (located in Ladysmith) which was first developed in Devon, England in the mid 1800’s and happens to thrive in the climate of the Pacific Northwest. It is quite spectacular!

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