Married Life Perfectly Summed Up In 39 Tweets

Married Life Perfectly Summed Up In 39 Tweets

Married life is full of moments when you realize that the honeymoon is over and the journey of love had begun.  Unfortunately, it’s not always as romantic as some might think but it does have its charm that can easily be understood my other married couples.  So, take a look at these Tweets and get ready to laugh in the face of marriage!  See for yourself:

1. The surprise visitor in the shower.

2. Getting scared can make a person mad.

3. The stomach has no sympathy.

4. Some people don’t have control over this.

5. Family time is important.

6. There is a specific way to fold it.

7. Those shows are pretty steamy!

8. Getting plenty of rest is important.

9. The minute you can’t do that, it’s your turn!

10. As long as you don’t hear screams or shooting.

11. Panda’s are sooo cute!

12. You should always offer to help, even when it’s too late.

13. That’s quite a feat!

14. Dog lovers.

15. Hmmm. . . That’s too much information.

16. Yes, listening to their coughing can be annoying.

17. That’s because nobody ever listens.

18. It does get tiring. Give it a rest once in a while.

19. Liar!

20. It’s still pretty good to watch.

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21. 9pm is pushing it.

22. Better to let her think it’s her fault.

23. He’s SUCH a great actor!

24. Just save some for your partner once in a while.

25. It could be something nice!

26. There’s always something that you have to go do.

27. Oh, she married a funny man!

28. This song really speaks to him.

29. It’s better than watching them all get eaten.

30. Sitting down is the best way to get bad news.

31. Not so funny now, is it?

32. Mistakes happen.

33. You need to buy the ripest ones. It’s an art.

34. This statement does have some logic.

35. It’s right in front of your face!

36. Well, wives do like to shop.

37. Man, get it right! How hard can it be?

38. Just say “no”.

39. Nobody wants to admit that.

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