Family Finds Huge Snake In Their House With Something Chilling Inside Its Stomach

Family Finds Huge Snake In Their House With Something Chilling Inside Its Stomach

There are plenty of times when we worry about wild animals and one that scares people the most are snakes because they have a tendency to sneak into our homes without being noticed. That’s what happened in Australia this this family when they found a massive python in their home!

Not only that but they found a large bulge in its stomach that was cause for concern.

Once they spotted this, they called a local handler, Tony Harrison, who took the culprit to a veterinarian.

The X-ray revealed something strange inside the stomach of this giant snake.

Unfortunately, they still didn’t know what it was.

This caused the veterinarians to perform an emergency operation to remove the obstruction that they couldn’t make out in the X-ray.

The first piece that they pulled out gave them a clue.

It was soft, brown and fuzzy.

At first they were worried that it was a small family pet.  Then they realized that it was a stuffed teddy bear!

However, the consequence of the snake eating this stuffed toy would have led to a severe infection, or worse.

Now, it was time to patch up this snake.

Thanks to the people who discovered this snake and the immediate attention that it received from the veterinarians, this snake will continue to live.

Otherwise, there would have been little chance of survival.

It’s hard to imagine that this is even possible until to see it.

The bear that was extracted from the stomach of this python was pretty big!

After this snake was able to make a full recovery, he was released back into the wild.

Hopefully, he has learned his lesson and will not only stay away form someone’s home but perhaps might not be so quick to strike just any object and instead take care to know his prey a little better.

The bear that was ingested was washed repeatedly and was returned to the family.

They will keep it as a memento of the snake that came into their home and ate it!

Pythons are pretty well know for having eyes that are larger than their stomachs.

For example, this snake attempted to swallow an adult sheep. It did not survive.

This one swallowed 10 golf balls.

It was found and treated as well and survived.

This python ate an entire electric blanket.

This python was a family pet that got out of her cage and then they notice this bulge which happened to be the same size as their ceramic egg from Russia that was not to be found.

Finally, this python attempted to swallow a wounded alligator! Neither of them survived.

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