Capybara Is Brought To A Rescue Sanctuary, Falls In Love With Every Animal On The Farm

Capybara Is Brought To A Rescue Sanctuary, Falls In Love With Every Animal On The Farm

This six-year-old Capybara was rescued from abuse and neglect when she was just a baby and brought to the Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas. She was first raised with pups in a home before she was returned to the refuge where she managed to befriend every walk of life on this property. She is exceptionally friendly with every animal that she meets and makes them all feel like family. Sadly, there are plenty of lonely animals that show up at the refuge and this Capybara named Cheesecake is happy to welcome them into her heart. In fact, all animals young and old, both rescues or pets tend to flock to this Capybara for love and comfort.  This is the sweetest thing that you’ll ever see today:

The founder, Janice Wolf, raised her in her own home because when she was found, she needed constant care.

Janice says, “She played with the dogs and slept with the dogs.” She also said that, “She would adopt them and she’d sleep with them and eat with them and she’d discipline them too if they were naughty. She was a good foster mom, and she just did a great job.”

As she grew up in the sanctuary, she naturally cared for all new arrivals.

She become a mother to everyone.

Every animal received their own, personal attention.

You can just see the tenderness in this photo!

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She even spent time with this tortoise.

No animal was neglected. Not even these emus!

This miniature horse loved her too!

However, she was more than just a mother to these animals, she was also a great friend to the older ones who didn’t particularly need a mother.

Even the chickens love her!

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