This Abandoned City Is 6 Times The Size Of NYC, And Nobody’s Heard Of It

This Abandoned City Is 6 Times The Size Of NYC, And Nobody’s Heard Of It

Imagine, an abandoned city that is not only larger than NYC but SIX TIMES larger! Also, hardly anyone in the western world has ever heard of it. How can this be? And yet, there is a town in Burma that exists as a modern day ghost town. The reason for its abandonment is because the Burmese government decided ten years ago that they would move the capital from Yagon to Naypyidaw and they later changed their mind.

This left the town that once cost billions to build completely abandoned.

It was originally created to house millions of people but now it all stands empty.

On any given day, only a few government workers can be seen in the city and hardly any residents live there.

This town was described by The Guardian as ‘an eerie picture of post-apocalypse suburban America; like a David Lynch film on location in North Korea.”

It was created in the middle of a jungle in a part of the county that is mostly unsettled.

Oddly enough, there is wifi access there even though all the business and hotels remain empty.

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The streets and building are incredibly beautiful but there is hardly anyone there to enjoy it.

This city of Naypyidaw has been subject to rumors that Burma actually had technicians from North Korea build an underground maze beneath the deserted city.

It also happens to be a mystery as to when this city began construction and who exactly built it.

Either way, it’s ready to be occupied!

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