25 Guinea Pigs With The Most Majestic Hair Ever

25 Guinea Pigs With The Most Majestic Hair Ever

If you have ever had a pet guinea pig, then you know that they have some pretty amazing hair! In fact, some owners even like to style it so that each one is unique. Also, there are few that are known for their long, beautiful locks and those are Abyssinian, Peruvian, Coronet and Silkie guinea pigs. So, if you own one of these, you are well aware of the maintenance that goes along with hair care for these pets. Now, let’s take a look at some of these beautiful hairstyles:

1. This one looks like a pet dog.

2. It must have been hard to keep this guinea pig still for this photo.

3. The bow in this one makes all the difference.

4. This one looks like a wig!

5. Who cuts their hair to look like this?

6. I can’t even begin to describe how much I like this one!

7. This poor guinea pig must trip on its own hair!

8. A healthy diet makes for healthy hair.

9. The mullet is back!

10. He doesn’t look happy about this hairstyle at all.

11. It’s hard to comb this hair.

12. I would be pretty scared to see this on my front lawn.

13. She’s a little princess.

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14. You don’t have to see beauty to know that it’s there.

15. The comb-over.

16. Beautiful picture in the wild.

17. I love the different hair colors on this guinea pig.

18. This one has really beautiful hair.

19. Just like a cute dog.

20. The flowers accentuate the hairdo.

21. People take pride in their pet guinea pigs.

22. There’s one for every season.

23. There’s a lot of pride in having hair like this.

24. Blending in with the snow.

25. People would pay good money for this kind of hair.

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