30 Examples Of Older People Failing Fantastically To Use Social Media

30 Examples Of Older People Failing Fantastically To Use Social Media

Social media is relatively new for all of us but for the those who are older and grew up without any such technology, social media is completely foreign. For that reason, when you see how they attempt to use this new medium, you begin to realize that they have no idea that they are dealing the great, worldwide web!

Often times, they are posting stuff that they believe is rarely seen or contacting large organizations and companies and asking them if they have seen their grandkids in their establishments that day. . . Or else, they are completely inappropriate in they way they respond to others online (without meaning to be, of course).

So, it’s not their fault! However, they’re learning and until they do, it’s completely hilarious!

Take a look:

1. This platform has been managed well by Dwayne.

2. Maxine thinks that she HAS to respond every time!

3. Lesson here: DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

You can’t beat a supportive message from your mom.

4. Waking up is usually better than dying in your sleep.

5. Facebook that you can take with you on the subway.

6. Maybe they should’ve explained the picture more.

7. Facebook is better than a phone call!

8. Those Emoji’s are so tiny! It’s hard to tell what they are doing.

9. Your Grandma will always need you.

10. Yes, this IS God at his finest!

11. Another great name!

12. Not the right response. Still learning how to remove it.

13. She should know.

14. Politics are sooo boring. It’s better to talk about recipes instead.

15. This is no ordinary necklace!

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16. A new nickname just developed!

17. Facebook is not a REAL person!

18. Comments and everything.

19. You can’t tell her to send it. There’s a button for that!

20. Keep looking. . . He’s out there!

21. No more pout face!

22. Everyone is named Ethan!

23. It’s what’s on the inside Grandma!

24. He does look holy.

25. At least they were willing to track him down.

26. Ham IS a disease.

27. A picture that you take yourself is still a selfie!

28. Nanny is concerned!

29. A valid question.

30. It’s an easy button to hit by accident.


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