Two Female Cosplayers Just Got Married And It Looks Like A Fairytale Wedding

Two Female Cosplayers Just Got Married And It Looks Like A Fairytale Wedding

The internet is filled with couples who are deep;y, madly, and truly in love.

I’m sure introducing one more loved up couple wouldn’t hurt.

So without further delay, I’d like to introduce you to Carina and Soerine.

These two lovely ladies are from Denmark. They’ve both made a career for themselves as professional cosplayers.

For those of you out there who are unaware of the term, and don’t know what one is, please allow me to let you know.

A cosplay refers to making of costumes from various popular video game, movie and anime characters, and then wearing them at fan gatherings and conventions.

Carina and Soerine have managed to make a living out of this unusual but unique profession.

When they decided to get married, they came across their biggest cosplay challenge.

To cosplay as a beautiful pair of brides.

The pair designed and made their own wedding dresses from scratch before jetting off to get married in Tokyo. Which is also known as the home of cosplay.

As you can imagine, their wedding photos were pretty incredible.

Here are a few of their incredible photos.

This beautiful couple got engaged at Disney! How magical!

Of course, the wedding photos are spectacular.

They make a beautiful couple.

No doubt they’ll spend the rest of their life happily ever after.

What an incredible fairytale wedding!

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