6 Things All Bacon Lovers Will Understand

6 Things All Bacon Lovers Will Understand

Bacon is one of the best things this world has.

It’s better than gold, and it makes breakfast so tasty.

And the best thing is that we’re not in short supply of it either!

There’s never the need to panic buy bacon.

Bacon lovers are a different breed of people.

They’ve got amazing taste in food, and they know exactly what they want.

Here are a few things only the most dedicated bacon lover understands.


Bacon is our friend.

It’s always there for us whenever we have a hangover. It brings us back from the dead and restores us back to good health. And all from just one bacon sandwich!


You a person with simple tastes.

Why do to a restaurant when you could relax at home with some crispy bacon?


But when you do go to a restaurant, you usually order bacon.

Bacon burger? Yes please!


Bacon perfume.

You’re waiting for the day where someone invents bacon flavored perfume so you can smell like your favorite treat.


You’re intrigued by the thought of bacon flavored products.

Bacon vodka, and bacon scented candles? What is this witchcraft?!


You believe the only good kind of bacon is cured bacon.

Whoever thought nonsmoked bacon was a good idea needs to be taught a lesson.

Bacon is really a remarkable thing that we all love, and if you don’t love it then it’s about time that you learn to.

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