18 Funny Tweets Only Parents Will Understand

18 Funny Tweets Only Parents Will Understand

Being a parent is a tough job.

Quite often parenting, especially when it involves a small child, can feel like you’re looking after a ticking time bomb. One which will explode in tears and screams.

Unfortunately for parents, this timebomb explodes at least 2 times a day.

Parents are always working, even when they’re asleep. They have to be ready at all times for the cry of their child.

So if that kid cries when mommy and daddy are asleep, then guess who’s got to get up and look after them? The parents.

Seriously, being a parent is not something you should go into light-heartedly.

Of course, parenting isn’t all doom and gloom. As a parent you will experience some of the sweetest moments, like your child’s first step, they’re first day of school.

These moments remind you why you’re a parent.

What also helps is a cracking sense of humor.

Here are some hilarious parents who have shared their funny parenting problems on Twitter.


That’s just setting them up to fail… That’s devilishly hilarious!


I think I’ll pass. Everyone knows it’s impossible to get kids ready on time.


Wow, what an ungrateful Princess.


How dare you feed your daughter something clearly disgusting! What a terrible father.


Eew, that’s gross!


Why is picking a name so hard?!


That kid’s got more bravery than Superman!


I do!


Without a college fun, you’ll be able to do so much fun stuff with the money!


That’s so true! Parenting is so tough.


Oops, at least she’s keeping it a secret. Otherwise, that kid would use it to blackmail her.


I bet their home has become a House of Horror for anyone who suffers from epilepsy.


When you put situations like that into perspective, the monster’s not actually that scary.


You’ll be surprised how expectations severely shift when you become a parent.


Congratulations to the bride and groom.


Wow, it sounds like a real blast!


Soon you begin to develop a cup sixth sense where you can tell when one is about to fall over.


I’m 12 on that scale: Mom who’s raped in a car full of screaming five-year-olds.

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