16 Genius Cleaning Hacks That’ll Make Life Easier!

16 Genius Cleaning Hacks That’ll Make Life Easier!

Let’s be honest.

Cleaning sucks, and we all hate doing it.

If we had the money, I would rather pay a cleaner to come into my home and do this horrible task.

But sadly, I can’t afford to do that every week like most people.

But thankfully, more and more people are introducing us to some incredible cleaning hacks that are simply genius!

They’re incredibly clever, and it makes cleaning so much easier!

So, I’ve put together some of the best cleaning hacks and I know you’ll love them!


Keep your cables tidy by using a LEGO figure to hold a cable in each hand.


Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and put the showerhead in the vinegar. Tie the bag closed and leave it to soak for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes remove the bag and turn on the shower for a moment. Your shower head will be as good as new!


Keep your sponge upright with the help of a binder clip.


Clean enamel by scrubbing it with lemon and salt. Rinse with cool water after and watch it sparkle.


Clean your blinds using rolled up face clothes and a pair of kitchen tongs.


Sick of your bathroom smelling? Freeze lemon slices, white vinegar, and baking soda in ice cube trays, then freeze them.

Once frozen place a cube in them in the sink and bathroom, it will absorb the bad smells.


Scratched wooden table? Rub a walnut against it to bring back the color.


Clean your blender quickly by blending water and dish soap for a minute, then pour out the water.


Broken glass? Place a slice of bread on the floor to make sure you’ve gotten all the small pieces of glass.


Smelly microwave? Get rid of the smell by pouring a teaspoon in a bowl of water. Put the bowl in the microwave and turn it on for a minute and a half.


Smelly sofa? Sprinkle baking soda onto it and leave it for an hour. Then hoover the baking powder.

The baking powder will absorb the smell.


Clean bed socks are perfect for cleaning wooden floors!


Clean your skillet of rust by scrubbing a cut potato and coarse salt in the skillet.


Use a window scraper to get rid of pet hairs out of your carpet.


Soaking your toilet in coca cola for five minutes before scrubbing clean. This will lift up the limescale.


Clean your dirty sponges by placing them in the microwave for 2 minutes.

The heat will kill 98.2% of germs.

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