15 Brilliant Parenting Hacks That’ll Make Being A Parent Just A Little Easier

15 Brilliant Parenting Hacks That’ll Make Being A Parent Just A Little Easier

I would say being a parent can be hard work, but that would be a lie.

Parenting is hard work.

You’re constantly working towards looking after someone who struggles to master the simplest of tasks.

You’re always on the clock, even sleep isn’t safe or sacred anymore. Or at least not to your kids.

Parenting can seem overwhelming at times but that’s because it’s a very important job.

But thankfully, some clever parents have discovered some wonderful hacks that make parenting a lot more fun, and easier.

Here are some of the best parenting hacks I know you’ll simply love!


Worried about losing your child while out in public? Then make a number bracelet for your child. That way you’re a child will always have your phone number in case of emergencies.


Struggling to cut up your kid’s food? Simply try using a pizza cutter instead!


Place a fitted sheet over your kid’s travel cot so they can keep cool in the garden during summer. It’ll also stop them getting bitten by bugs.


Make the Tooth Fairy special by rubbing their ‘money’ with glitter.


Keep your kid safe in the bath by making sure they’re toys are within safe reach. Why not try this next bathtime?


Keep your kids safe in bed by placing a pool noodle under the fitted sheet.


Keep your kids entertained on the go by filling an old DVD case with paper and colored pencils!


What a clever idea!


Make the most out of your space by adding shelves to the side of your dresser.


Stop the drinking straw from falling out by placing a crazy straw upside down. It works like magic.


Use a rubber band to stop your kids from getting trapped in the bathroom.


Open up a shampoo bottle to make washing hands easier for the little ones!


Got a pool noodle? Cut a section off and use it to buffer and prevent doors from slamming or shutting.


Use a blanket under a table to make a neat hammock for your kids.


Convert their old crib into a craft desk!

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