11 Out Of This World Facts About E.T.

11 Out Of This World Facts About E.T.

E.T. has become such a huge cult classic over the past decades.

It was a film many of us watched during our childhood, and we’ll go on to show this incredible film to our children.

It’s almost been 35 years since the film was first realised in the cinema.

So in celebration of this incredible film, here are a few facts about E.T.


E.T.’s face was modeled after the faces of  Albert Einstein, poet Carl Sandberg, and novelist Ernest Hemingway, as well as the face of a pug. 


The E.T. puppeteering was done for the most part by a very small stuntman who was 2’10” tall.

However, the kitchen scenes were done using a 10-year-old boy who was born without legs and could walk on his hands. This gave E.T. those unique movements.


E.T. has no gender.


Spielberg made a cameo as one of E.T.’s doctors, but the rest of the medical team were actual doctors and nurses.

Spielberg told them to treat E.T. as an actual patient.


Drew Barrymore originally auditioned for Carol Anne in Poltergeist, but Spielberg thought she was better suited for Gertie.


Elliot’s mom is the only adult we see in the first half of the film. Spielberg decided to shoot the movie from the kids’ perspective to make it more authentic.


The voice of E.T. is that of  Pat Welsh, who was a lifelong smoker; her voice was lowered and mixed with the sounds of animals to get E.T.’s raspy voice.


M&M’s in the film were replaced with Reese’s Pieces because Mars, Inc. refused to let them use their candy in the poor.


E.T. has glass eyes to make them more lifelike. But because the eyes were set so far apart, the movie’s young actors could only look into one eye at a time when filming.


Spielberg shot the film chronologically to elicit real emotions from the young cast.

Of course, this means that they really thought that E.T. was going to die! 


Harrison Ford was originally in the movie as the principal of Elliot’s school.

But those scenes were cut because Spielberg didn’t want to show Ford’s face and have it distract from the film.

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