11 Revenge Stories That’ll Make You Think Twice Before Being Mean

11 Revenge Stories That’ll Make You Think Twice Before Being Mean

Gandhi once said that ‘an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.’

There is no disputing his words of wisdom. But not everyone wants to see, and would rather go blind then not teach someone a valuable lesson.

We’ve all thought of ways to get revenge for a wrong someone has done to us.

However, not one has does it.

Here are some hilarious revenge stories that will not only make you laugh but will make you think twice before you do something mean.

We hope you’ll enjoy.


What a way to teach someone a lesson!


What a cruel tale of revenge… I love it!


Well, that’s certainly a very cruel way of getting rid of someone.


What a rude woman! I’m glad she got taught a lesson!


Oops, not fun for this liar. What a tragedy!… Not.


Ouch! It looks like they were burnt by her revenge…


What a cruel way to find out your girlfriend has been cheating on you.


I really like this idea! He’ll never forget this mistake!


Looks like someone is taking out the garbage.


Ok, this is actually really funny!


Partner cheating on you and want to get revenge? Put rare meat around various points of their car and wait for the hungry stray dogs to come and stalk their car.

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