This Abandoned City Is 6 Times The Size Of NYC, But No One’s Heard Of It

This Abandoned City Is 6 Times The Size Of NYC, But No One’s Heard Of It

In Burma, there’s a town that’s most people haven’t heard of.

This is weird, especially when you consider that it’s six times the size of NYC.

Stranger still, it’s the countries capital.

Ten years ago, the Burmese government decided to move the capital from  Yangon to Naypyidaw, which was viewed as a strange decision since nobody had ever heard of it.

In case you don’t already know, Burma is a country in Southeast Asia.

It has one of the strictest military regimes on the planet.

They don’t allow democracy to flourish, even though the country’s residents are desperate for political change.

Since the regime decided to move the capital, the capital has effectively become out of bounds to westerners. 

The city was designed to house millions of people, but the whole city is vacant.

On an average day, only a handful of government officials can be seen.

The capital has been described as “an eerie picture of post-apocalypse suburban America; like a David Lynch film on location in North Korea.”

The city was built in the middle of a jungle in an unsettled region of the country, but that’s not really a problem since basically, no one lives there.

One of the strangest things about this whole city is that it even has wifi, even though the restaurants and hotels lie completely and utterly without customers.

It’s rumored that the Burma government contracted technicians from North Korea to build a maze of underground tunnels underneath the deserted city.

The rumor is based on the fact that much of Naypyidaw’s history is incredibly mysterious, nobody knows when construction began.


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