10 Beautiful Guinea Pigs With Majestic Long Hair

10 Beautiful Guinea Pigs With Majestic Long Hair

What do guinea pigs, Ariana Grande, Rapunzel, and Kyle Richards have in common?

If you’ve guessed hair then you’ve guessed the right answer! There are a lot of species of guinea pigs in this world.

But the Abyssinian, Peruvian, Coronet and Silkie guinea pigs are known for a rather impressive and unique reason. Their impressive floor-length fur. Seriously, these adorable guinea pigs are bound to give you hair envy. These little guys are so beautiful to look at. But the need extra love and care because of their unusual locks.

Take a look at a few of these beautiful long-haired beauties.


I wish my hair was thick and luscious like this guys.


I’m so jealous of this guy’s beautiful hair!


That’s an impressive amount of hair.


I bet her hair is a nightmare to wash!


And you thought girls took a lot of pride in their hair, just check this guy out!


Can you imagine what it would be like if your hair was like this?


That must take hours to straighten!


Aww, she’s so pretty. Even with her precious little bow.


You can’t go outside, you’ll get your lovely locks dirty.


This little guy’s hair is impressively long. I’m so jealous!

I don’t know about you guys, but I wouldn’t say no to lovely long locks like this.

What do you think about these gorgeous guinea pigs?

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