Start Eating This If You Have Hair Loss, Thin Brittle Nails, Or Insomnia

Start Eating This If You Have Hair Loss, Thin Brittle Nails, Or Insomnia

Our hair and face help contribute to a large part of our personal image.

That’s why it’s important to keep these areas in good shape, otherwise, we may face judgment from others.

We should always make a good first impression, whether that’s with a potential partner, a possible employer, or for our own children. It’s important to keep our image in good condition!

Whether you suffer from thin brittle nails, insomnia or hair loss, this miracle mixture might be your magical antidote. 

But please remember to consult with your doctor before making any sudden changes to your diet. 

The adrenal glands are two grape-sized glands which are located on top of each kidney. They deal with the secretion of certain hormones.

These hormones then go on to help regulate stress, improve the immune system, uptake the metabolism and also improve blood pressure.

But what most people don’t know is that by improving the adrenal glands you can also improve the health of your nails, along with healthy cell growth!

By using this fast, homemade remedy on a regular basis, you’ll notice your nails and hair is healthier, and you’re sleeping much better!

It’s recommended that you take 2 teaspoons of this mixture before breakfast about 2 to 3 times a week. 

All you need to start with is some Brazilian Walnuts, dried parsley leaves, and some pure natural honey with some grounded ginger, and raisins.

Grind up the Brazilian walnuts and the dried parsley leaves then add in the honey, raisins and a pinch of ginger.

In several weeks you should notice a lack of fatigue and your hair will have that nice glow once again.

Even your brittle nails will improve. 

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