Britian’s Fattest Woman Reveals How She Went From 48 Stone To 30 Stone

Britian’s Fattest Woman Reveals How She Went From 48 Stone To 30 Stone

Sharon Hill, was Britain’s Fattest woman.

She recently lost 18 stone, with the help of Channel Four.

Two years ago,  Channel Four put together a documentary about the day to day life of the morbidly obese people of the UK, and they decided that Sharon would be great.

Her most memorable moments on the documentary was when her husband didn’t cut a slice of cake the way she wanted. This resulted in a tantrum most toddlers would struggle to match.

Sharon also famously sulked when a psychiatrist emptied her kitchen of industrial quantities of chocolate.

She was busy stuffing her face with more cake, all the while acknowledging she urgently needed to lose weight because of dangerous levels of fat that surrounded her liver.

But by the end of filming, Sharon had lost 10 stone, all thanks to a gastric sleeve.

Despite her weight loss, Sharon is still on the big side of big.

For the first time in years, Sharon has a shape, and you can see her neck.

When she was 48 stone, Sharon struggled to get around the house, and couldn’t leave the house. Now she can leave her home as she pleases.

Though she can walk only short distances and needs to use a stick, or her mobility scooter.

Sharon talked about her old eating habits:

‘You know those family-sized bars of chocolate? I’d have two as a snack and still not feel full. I never felt full.’

It’s hard to believe Sharon was that big, but thankfully she’s on the right track to fix her addiction with food.

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