Christopher Reeve’s Son Runs The NYC Marathon In Honor Of His Late Father

Christopher Reeve’s Son Runs The NYC Marathon In Honor Of His Late Father

While training for his first every marathon, Will Reeve, son of the late ‘Superman’ star, Christopher Reeve, didn’t run into many problems.

However, he did encounter a tiny dog which sank its teeth into his ankle.

Will was running across a private driveway in Maine.

The 24-year-old said:

“A Shih Tzu nipped at my heels and drew blood.”

“But I carried on running because it was just a flesh wound.

“It turned out the dog had all its shots, so now I’ve got a battle scar I wear with pride!”

But it turns out that pride was just one of the motivations behind his first ever marathon run on Sunday.

Will, took part in TCS New Tork City Marathon.

He wanted to raise a whopping $35,000 for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. Which is the organization set up by his parents.

The charity provides support for those with spinal cord injuries as well as raising funds for medical research.

Christopher Reeves became a disabled rights activist in 1995, after becoming paralyzed in a horse-riding accident.

With the help of his wife, Dana, Christopher would go on to raisemillions of dollars through the foundation, investing heavily in stem-cell research.

Tragically, Christopher, 52, suffered a heart attack and died in 2004. But just 17 months later, Dana, who was a nonsmoker, succumbed to lung cancer at age 44. Will was just 13-years-old when he was orphaned. 

Will told The Post:

“Everything I do, I try to honor my parents’ legacy. I want to keep their names alive.”

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