11 Strange But True Facts About ‘Mr. Rogers’ Neigbourhood’

11 Strange But True Facts About ‘Mr. Rogers’ Neigbourhood’

Most of us are familiar with Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood, and the joy that came with watching ti.

There’s never been a program quite like it.

Let’s tale a look at some of the weird but wonderful facts surrounding the beloved show from our childhood.

1. Popular for decades

He was a very powerful influence in children’s television.

2. He started off working for the big times!

After graduating from college, he went to work in New York for NBC. But once he heard his hometown started a public television station, he quit his job to go home and do a show for the station.

3. He spoke slowly for a good reason

Mr.Rodgers discovered that the correct pace for children aged 3-5 was 124 words a minute.

4. George Romero got his first job on the show

The now infamous zombie filmmaker got his first paying job on the show. He shot segments for Mr. Rodgers’ Neighbourhood.

5. Michael Keaton also had his first job on this show

He started at $2/hr and ended up making $2.25/hr. Keaton even appeared on some segments.

6. This wasn’t his first show

When he was younger he produced and puppeteered ‘The Children’s Corner’.

7. He used these shoes for a reason

These shoes were also used on ‘The Children’s Corner’. He found them to be quieter when he moved around the set. 

8. McFeely was his middle name

He used his middle name as the mailman’s last name. Years later he revealed he regretted making it part of the show. 

9. He was quite the radical

Despite having a childlike quality, the show dealt with issues like social change.

10. He used his puppets to convince the producer to do an episode about divorce

He called up the host as the voice of the puppet, Daniel Striped Tiger, to convince her to greenlight the episode.

11. The VCR was almost illegal until he saved it

During the infamous case, Universal Studios v. Song Corp. Of America, he testified.

Without his testimony, it would have been illegal to tape all shows.

What do you think about these wonderful facts?

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